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phone: 920.540.8420
office: 309 E Evergreen Dr.
Appleton, WI 54913
Countries visited: 19
United States visited: 45
Stiches: 21
Broken Bones: 0
Wife: 1
Son: 1
Dog: 1


BIO: I worked for midwestern advertising and design agencies for a decade before deciding to hang out my own shingle in 2005.

Some of my clients call me a graphic designer, others call me a marketing consultant. I'm able to take a wide range of experiences and help my clients choose the best medium for their message and deliver that message in a way that drives the bottom line. I've done and continue to do a little bit of everything, often collaborating with my copywriter wife, Nicole Argall.

Accolades: I've done work for big clients and not-so-big clients. I've been published in books on design, typography, photography, social media, and I've had my work recognized by groups such as the AdFed (American Advertising Federation), File Magazine, AIGA (American Institude of Graphic Arts), MailChimp,, National Chamber of Commerce, and a few others I've forgotten. Sure, I'm proud of all those pats on the back: Who wouldn't be? But at the end of the day, I realize that what really matters are a successful project and a happy client.

Passion: Father of one, married 15 years, borderline addiction to travel, music, bicycles, motorcycles, and strange food.

Current & Past Projects:  
American Management Association
American Red Cross
Boys & Girls Club
Choice Bank
Copper Rock Coffee Co.
City of Stevens Point
Cranky Pat's
Dental City
Dental Practice Advisors
Crescendo Music
Grande Cheese Co.
Green Bay Packers
Kimberly-Clark / Cottonelle
Lakeview Credit Union
Luna Coffee Co.
M Design
M&M Mars
Minnesota Ballpark Authority / MN Twins Stadium
Pierce / Oshkosh Truck
Renegade Archery Co.
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
RCA Records / Cory Chisel
Renew E85 Fuel
SCA Tissue
Temmer Homes
Time Warner
The Fire Art Studio
The Watch Company
WG&R Furniture


Please note: Not all of the work in my portfolio has been created since I started flying solo; some of the pieces were made while I was in the employ of "the man."

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